•   Volume ,Issue 2,2019

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    Original Article

    AMF siRNA treatment of keloid through inhibition signaling pathway of RhoA/ROCK1
      YiTian, LanJin, WenhongZhang, ZumengYa, YuanCheng and HongyunZhao
      2019(2):185-192 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.36 M)]

    Review Article

    Delivering on the promise of gene editing for cystic fibrosis
      Craig A.Hodges and Ronald A.Conlon
      2019(2):97-108 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.15 M)]
    Emergence of antibiotic resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa in intensive care unit; a critical review
      PreetiPachori, RaginiGothalwal and PuneetGandhi
      2019(2):109-119 [Abstract]  [View PDF(508.06 K)]
    Impact of gene mutation in the development of Parkinson's disease
      SuganyaSelvaraj and ShanmughavelPiramanayagam
      2019(2):120-128 [Abstract]  [View PDF(897.49 K)]

    Full Length Article

    Do specific ultrasonography features identified at the time of early pregnancy loss predict fetal chromosomal abnormality? – A systematic review and meta-analysis
      J.Huang, J.Tang, W.Zhu, T.C.Li, L.C.Y.Poon and S.H.Saravelos
      2019(2):129-137 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.07 M)]

    Short Communication

    A novel mutation in COL1A2 leads to osteogenesis imperfecta/Ehlers-Danlos overlap syndrome with brachydactyly
      ThunyapornBudsamongkol, ThantriraPorntaveetus, NarinIntarak, ThanakornTheerapanon, SomchaiYodsanga and VorasukShotelersuk
      2019(2):138-146 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.38 M)]

    Full Length Article

    Genome-wide profiling of long noncoding RNA expression patterns and CeRNA analysis in mouse cortical neurons infected with different strains of borna disease virus
      XiaoyanXu, XiongZhang, PengXie, YujieGuo, HaiyangWang, TianTang, WeiZhou, LinSun, PengHe and PingXu
      2019(2):147-158 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.35 M)]
    Forskolin and Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate modulates the expression pattern of AP-1 factors and cell cycle regulators in estrogen-responsive MCF-7 cells
      R.L.Babu, M.Naveen Kumar, Rajeshwari H.Patil, K.M.Kiran Kumar, S. ChidanandaSharma, K.S.Devaraju and Govindarajan T.Ramesh
      2019(2):159-166 [Abstract]  [View PDF(851.72 K)]
    Evaluation on monoamine neurotransmitters changes in depression rats given with sertraline, meloxicam or/and caffeic acid
      DanHuang, Jun-qingYang, YingLuo, Ting-tingDu, Xin-huiJiang, LuZhang and TingCui
      2019(2):167-175 [Abstract]  [View PDF(826.58 K)]
    Upregulation of the APE1 and H2AX genes and miRNAs involved in DNA damage response and repair in gastric cancer
      Fernanda S.Manoel-Caetano, Ana Flávia T.Rossi, GabrielaCalvet de Morais, Ana ElizabeteSilva and Fábio EduardoSeverino
      2019(2):176-184 [Abstract]  [View PDF(870.48 K)]
    Maternal vitamin D level and vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism as a risk factor for congenital heart diseases in offspring; An Egyptian case-control study
      Wesam A.Mokhtar, AmalFawzy, Reem M.Allam, Rania M.Amer and Mona S.Hamed
      2019(2):193-200 [Abstract]  [View PDF(292.63 K)]